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In our experience, the following are the top 3 industries that qualify for the R&D Tax credit, along with the activities that can be included.

Software and Technology

 There is an incredible amount of innovation happening today, and these activities qualify for the R&D credit.  Below are example activities that our clients have captured towards the R&D credit:

  • Network design and development
  • Coding, programming, testing
  • Cloud computing development
  • Prototyping of hardware
  • New or improved firmware designs
  • Design and development of unique database architectures

Architecture and Engineering

Nearly all sectors of engineering qualify for the R&D Credit.  We have helped numerous Architecture and Engineering Firms claim the R&D credit for employee and contractor costs associated with the following activities:

  • Design and evaluation of structural and mechanical building systems
  • CAD modeling and simulation
  • Design and development of MEP and HVAC systems
  • Conceptual and schematic design development through construction documents
  • Site planning based on existing site conditions
  • Design of energy efficient building systems


 The R&D Credit was enacted specifically to keep jobs in the United States.  Manufacturers can use this credit to offset tax liability for activities such as the ones outlined below:

  • New or improved product design
  • Product prototype development and testing
  • Development and implementation of new or improved manufacturing equipment and/or processes
  • Development of unique CNC programming
  • Unique fixture design and development

As R&D Consultants, we’ve worked with countless businesses and their CPAs to calculate an R&D Tax Credit.  We partner with CPAs just like yourself to provide this valuable benefit to their clients.  Interested in learning more?  Contact our team to become a strategic partner of EPSA USA !