• Helping Tax Professionals and Businesses take advantage of tax credits and incentives

  • Helping Tax Professionals and Businesses take advantage of tax credits and incentives


Solutions for CPA Firms

An extension of your services

EPSA is your strategic partner in navigating the complex tax landscape, offering expertise in evolving tax codes, extending your team’s capabilities, and making value-added services easy. With specialists well-versed in the latest updates, EPSA collaborates with your firm to understand client challenges and goals, providing tailored solutions in R&D tax credit, 179D Deduction, 174 calculation and more.

This partnership strengthens your position as a trusted advisor, built on commitment to excellence and reliability. The process involves customized solutions, collaborative approach, and continuous support to keep your firm well-prepared for future challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing tax and technology landscape.

Solutions for our clients

Reducing tax burden

Empowering business owners to lower their tax liability is our forte. Our seasoned experts deliver insights and tailored solutions, unveiling incentives for your business’s growth. We kick off assessments with meticulous evaluations, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of potential benefits before any commitment. Our solutions include the R&D tax credit, 179D Deduction, 174 Amortization calculation, and more. It’s not just about lowering taxes but strategically propelling your business forward.

Incentives available in many industries

Whether your business specializes in product design, software development, manufacturing processes, or architecture design, you might overlook valuable credits and incentives. Our team, with extensive experience across various industries, can identify crucial incentives to fuel your business’s growth. If your firm operates in sectors like Software and Technology, Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing, as well as many others, we likely have tailored solutions to enhance your financial advantages.

the group in figures

With uninterrupted growth since its creation in 2001, today EPSA is an international leader in bringing together all operational performance levers made possible through an array of technological solutions.

Our offers are not limited by the size or sector of clients. Our consultants work with large international groups, as well as mid-sized companies, SMEs or start-ups, in all areas of the public and private sectors.


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