• Helping innovative companies
    take advantage of The R&D Tax Credit

  • Helping innovative companies
    take advantage of The R&D Tax Credit

  • Helping innovative companies
    take advantage of The R&D Tax Credit


Helping innovative companies take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit

R&D tax credit experts

Our solutions for you

From Start Ups to International Corporations, EPSA USA helps companies of all sizes take full advantage of the Research & Development Tax Credit Strategy. EPSAs technical experts follow strict IRS guidelines and identify qualified research expenditures that dictate eligibility.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to offer bespoke solutions to maximize your R&D Tax Credits. Our streamlined process is efficient, fast and guaranteed to optimize your R&D spending.

The R&D tax credit

The R&D Tax Credit was enacted by the federal government in 1981 to encourage companies to keep jobs in the United States. Several states have their own R&D Credits that companies are eligible for. Unfortunately, the federal and state credits are underclaimed and eligible companies are missing out on the opportunity to claim this valuable tax credit.

In 2015, the PATH Act was passed, which allows even more companies to take advantage of the R&D Credit by allowing eligible companies to offset a portion of payroll tax.

Additionally, there are similar programs in other countries, and EPSA has the expertise to help your company take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit not only in the US, but in 15 other countries.


Who we are

Boasting uninterrupted growth since its establishment in 2001, EPSA is a precious collaborator for any organization looking to increase its performance and profitability.

With 25 offices in 35 countries and over 1200 experts in various domains, EPSA possesses precise technical and scientific knowledge spanning all types of industries.

Our partners

EPSA USA is proud to partner with the associations listed below, as well as participate in the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum. It is our goal to help educate the members of these associations and participants of the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum about the valuable benefits of the R&D Tax Credit.


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With uninterrupted growth since its creation in 2001, EPSA is today an international leader in bringing together all operational performance levers made possible through an array of technological solutions.

Our offers are not limited by the size or sector of clients, our consultants working with large international groups, as well as mid-sized companies, SMEs or start-ups, in all areas of the public and private sectors.

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On September 8th, 2023, the IRS issued long-awaited guidance on Section 174, altering the tax treatment of research and experimentation expenses.
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