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With our team of local experts, EPSA USA is focused on helping companies of all sizes take advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit at both the federal and state level.
Our technical and legal experts follow IRS guidelines to identify qualified research expenses that dictate eligibility.

We work hand-in-hand with CPAs, clients, and partners to offer tailored solutions to identify R&D Tax Credits. Our streamlined process is efficient, fast, and guaranteed to optimize tax benefits for a variety of industries.


$197 MTurnover in net sales in 2022

$3365 BSavings for our clients


EPSA USA is part of EPSA Group, an international company that can assist you with local & global expertise. With 30 offices in 15 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia and Africa, our team of 1,200 employees are proud to serve our 4,500 clients around the world.

35countries covered


Part of EPSA Group


EPSA has grown steadily since its inception in 2001 and is an indispensable partner for all organizations looking to improve their performance and profitability.

Our service catalog includes the entire optimization potential available in a company and our four business areas guarantee a global view of our customers’ activities:

  • EPSA Operations & Procurement – We support your business with purchasing performance, organizational efficiency and change management
  • EPSA Tax – We assist your company with the optimization of taxes
  • EPSA Innovation & Energy – We support businesses reduce energy costs through technology. We also identify and calculate a variety of tax credits to help companies offset tax liability, including the Research and Development Tax Credit.
  • EPSA Marketplace – We provide a fully digitized purchasing outsourcing platform in accordance with your company policy and with a simplified invoicing process.

Our number one focus is always on our customers. Our teams are performance and efficiency-oriented, and they take a sustainable approach that is individually tailored to the needs and characteristics of each organization.