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We continue our webinar series with a new episode in May !

Are you facing an increase in tax liability, especially in light of section 174 expenses? Are you curious how changing legislation will impact your tax situation? Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on May 10th!

As many of you have either filed tax return for 2022 or put it on extension till September/October, you and your clients may be facing an increase in tax liability, especially in light of the new amortization of 174 expenses. You still have time to use R&D credits and others programs available to reduce the impact and even get money back from the government.

We will discuss the major changes around 174 expenses amortization rules, how to best prepare for this year and the next 5 years, and how to mitigate the initial increase in tax liability in 2022.


If your company or some of your clients are part of the following industries, you likely have Sec.174 expenses to consider:
• Manufacturing
• Software & Technology
• Engineering
• Architecture


• Identify 174 expenses vs. R&D qualified expenses
• Understand Section 174 amortization and its impact on taxpayers
• Discover how to reduce the initial increase in tax liability
• Prepare for the next few years or for any change for this year
• Update on the latest legislation on the hill