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The architecture sector is full of innovations that are eligible for state aid, as the R&D Tax Credit. Therefore, you can claim your eligibility in the US depending on the activities identified as relevant.

R&D activities in architecture that are eligible to the Research and Development Tax Credit

You might be wondering if your activities in architecture might be eligible to the R&D Tax Credit. Our experts at EPSA USA have listed for you a non-exhaustive series of activities that can be claimed to the tax administration :

  • Iterative process of design development
  • Conceptual and schematic design development through construction documents
  • Development of master plans
  • Site planning based on existing site conditions
  • Design of energy efficient building systems
  • Code compliance of the design

Are you developing these activities ? In this case, you can claim your R&D Tax Credit to your administration.

Personnel expenses can also be eligible to the R&D Tax Credit!

Personnel costs related to R&D work may also be eligible to the R&D Tax Credit for functions such as Architect, Designer, Project Manager, Associate, Partner, Principal, Senior Architect and Project Architect.

If you have any doubts on how to claim it, contact our team to take full advantage of the credit.

Are you an architecture firm working in these sectors and performing the activities listed above?

Request an assessment to check out your eligibility for the R&D Tax Credit!

Is your industry not mentioned? These lists are not exhaustive, so request your assessment now to find out your eligibility! Check out our methodology to learn how we will work together !