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 As a Manufacturing firm, you can benefit from the Research and Development Tax Credit. EPSA USA is here to help you determine your eligible activities. 

What are the eligible manufacturing R&D activities? 

Several activities are eligible for the R&D Tax Credit. The R&D Tax Credit aims to reward a wide variety of manufacturers that engage in qualified research activities per IRS criteria. Below is a list of example activities that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit:

  • New or improved product design
  • Product prototype development and testing 
  • Development and implementation of new or improved manufacturing equipment and/or processes 
  • Programming production automation controls 
  • Unique fixture design and development  

These activities are eligible for the R&D Tax Credit but this is not all – other activities are also eligible for manufacturers.  You can request an assessment to find out if your activities can qualify for the research and development tax credit.RD-Tax-Credit-Manufacturing



You can include personnel expenses to claim your eligibility to the R&D Tax Credit  

There are a variety of job roles that are eligible R&D expenses to claim the R&D Tax Credit, including: 

  • Project Engineer 
  • Automation Engineer 
  • Process Technician 
  • Tool & Die Maker 
  • Application Engineer 
  • Production Manager 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Designer 
  • Lab Technician 
  • Direct Supervisors 

If some of your employees hold these type of positions, you can possibly include them in your R&D Tax Credit calculation.  This is just a sample of the job titles and functions that qualify – some job roles may not be listed here but are eligible for the R&D Tax Credit.  

Do not hesitate to request an assessment of your eligibility for the Research and Development Tax Credit. Our team will contact you shortly to assess your eligibility.