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From SMEs to large groups, awareness around corporate social responsibility has increased with the health crisis. Already present for years, the shocking realization that the world could come to a complete halt overnight has alerted companies and the general public to our responsibility as guarantors of a social, environmental and ecological balance.

Thus, the growing demand from citizens-consumers for concrete actions has gained momentum and will push companies to respond to this demand. A major challenge will therefore be to give a concrete expression to this desire for a coherent CSR policy.

For more than two years, EPSA has been accelerating its ambition to be a company built on strong human values. 8 out of 10 employees consider our group as “responsible” and we can confirm that we are well on the way to transforming our practices, a long but necessary path.

By working simultaneously on our contribution towards general interest through EPSA’s Foundation, and on our social, environmental and digital externalities through our CSR policy, we can now take on the challenge of integrating sustainable solutions in each of our areas of expertise, to propose an offer adapted to the challenges of today while anticipating those of tomorrow.

This report is a summary of our past actions. It illustrates our ambition to create and manage an effective CSR policy, capable of making a positive contribution to society, while integrating the company’s historical values that have been at the heart of our business for 20 years.