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EPSA, creator and producer of lasting performance, presents its offer to optimizing purchasing outsourcing in three new countries.

« Our expansion ambitions in the Asia and South Pacific region have just become a reality with the opening of our last three offices in Australia, Malaysia and South Korea. This is a well thought-out project that has taken two years to prepare. Our objective is to extend our presence beyond the countries in which we are already present: China, including Hong Kong, and Singapore. These markets are very different and particular, each with its own business culture and regulations. We have been present in China since 2011, and we started working in Singapore in 2015. Based on our successful experiences in these two countries, our market analysis led us to consider Australia, Malaysia and South Korea as potential locations for future operations. It is therefore a great success for us to see this project come to fruition, especially in these difficult times », explains Sophie CHEN, Director of EPSA Marketplace APAC.

EPSA Group, already known in the region as a key player in non-strategic purchasing and Marketplace outsourcing, has just taken an important step towards its expansion.

Present in China since 2011 and in Singapore since 2015, the positive results of its activity have allowed it to start a new internationalization project. Therefore, EPSA has set the goal of accelerating its presence in the South Pacific with the opening of three new offices in Australia, Malaysia and South Korea.

EPSA Marketplace is a leader in global procurement outsourcing. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, EPSA experts provide solutions to optimize financial and operational performance through the outsourcing of “B” and “C” class indirect procurement. However, this strategy is not well known in Asia and the South Pacific. Therefore, expert support to reduce the number of suppliers, simplify invoicing and accelerate production represents an interesting potential market.

The ambition in these three new countries is to build up local expertise and take advantage of the group’s experience and resources to duplicate this value-creating model. The specificities of the local market, notably legal and fiscal, and the cultural differences between the countries have led EPSA Marketplace to build a team of highly competent local experts to carry out this project.

With the launch of an ambitious but realistic development strategy, EPSA wishes to extend its comprehensive support offer to companies in Asia and the South Pacific seeking to optimize their operational performance in a sustainable manner. The objective is to become a leader in the region’s procurement outsourcing market within a few years, to proceed with the accompaniment of companies in the search for optimization throughout the production and marketing chain, notably through the levers detected by the experts of the other businesses that complete its offer of a full, 360° monitoring of a company’s activity.