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EPSA, creator and producer of sustainable performance, reinforces its position in the United States with the opening of three new offices in Philadelphia, Boston and Houston.

After establishing EPSA Innovation & Energy as the market leader in Innovation Financing consulting in France (Research Tax Credit, grants, financing and subsidies, innovation management), we took advantage of the growth in this activity linked to the new regulations in the United States to strengthen our presence on American soil. Already established as a major player in the Marketplace there, we hope to be able to offer this additional expertise in the field of R&D Credits to help companies over there optimize the financing of their R&D expenses. Our goal is not only to be present in the R&D U.S. market, but to become a major player in three to four years, as we have done in other countries. We also hope to be able to quickly open offices in other North American cities”, says Nicolas Gonçalves, CEO of EPSA France.

The EPSA Group, already known as a key player in innovation financing consulting, has just taken an important step towards its internationalization goals. After experiencing a period of hyper-growth between 2017 and 2020 to reach more than €640M in revenues, EPSA aspires to accelerate its international presence, particularly in the US market.

EPSA Innovation & Energy has over 250 consultants, scientists, engineers and doctors, to assist companies in the preparation of their projects. The ambition in the United States is to build up local expertise and take advantage of the group’s experience and resources to reproduce their successful model across the Atlantic. The specificities of the American market, notably legal and fiscal, and the cultural differences between both countries have led EPSA USA to build a team of highly competent local experts to carry out this project.

“The context was favourable to tackle the R&D tax credit consulting market, because the rules and regulations, lacking any real stability at first, have recently become a permanent tool in the United States to support research and innovation”, explains Alexis Martin, EPSA USA’s CEO.

With the recruitment of a first team of local experts and the launch of an ambitious but realistic development strategy, EPSA hopes to extend its R&D consulting offer to American companies seeking to sustainably optimize their operational performance. After France, Brazil, Germany, Belgium and Spain, the United States is the most recent international development for EPSA’s Innovation Finance Consulting business. New countries, especially in Europe, are currently being developed.