Our process

  • Education & Advisement

    Explain qualifying criteria
    Technical Lead Q&A (if needed)
    Utilization of Tax Credit

    > Kick Off

  • Feasibility assessement

    Gathering of documents
    Evaluation of QREs
    Viable credit determination
    Feasibility assessement call

    > Decision to move forward?

  • Qualification

    Project list identification
    Qualification interviews
    Gather project documentation
    Contract review

  • Calculation

    Calculation of Qualified Research Expenses
    Determination of Final Federal and State R&D Tax Credits
    Forms 6765 Provided
    Final Credits Call

    > Final Credits Filed

  • Substantiation

    In-Depth Technical Report

Our technical and legal experts are well-versed in the relevant Internal Revenue Code sections, as well as the regulations and case law that govern the R&D Tax credit. Our team ensures that our analysis is in line with the ever changing guidance surrounding the R&D Tax credit.

The epsa method

After the initial kick off meeting, our technical and legal experts will work with your company to identify eligible expenses. During this initial assessment, the team will gather documents and evaluate qualified expenses to determine a preliminary assessment at no cost to you. At the end of this Feasibility Assessment phase, your company can make the informed decision whether it would like to move forward with the analysis. If your company chooses to not move forward, there is no fee.

During the second phase of the analysis, our team will work to finalize the qualification and calculation of your R&D credit and will provide you and your CPA with the necessary forms to claim the R&D credit at both the federal and state level.

The process will conclude with the Substantiation phase of the analysis, which includes an in-depth technical report, detailing the steps and analysis undertaken by our team throughout the process.