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At EPSA, we redefine feasibility assessments to ensure our clients make informed decisions right from the start. Here’s a glimpse into how we deliver exceptional value through our meticulous process.




  1. Conduct Kick-Off Call
  2. Prepare and send feasibility assessment document request
  3. Conduct follow-up document request call (if necessary)

The cornerstone of EPSA’s approach lies in our Feasibility Assessment. While many firms offer superficial estimates, we go the extra mile with a rigorous, quantitative study. An accurate Feasibility Assessment allows our clients to gain unwavering confidence in our estimates, underscoring our commitment to transparency and value.

Feasibility Assessment

  1. Gather and review documents
  2. In depth data analysis
  3. Conduct detailed interview with Client over potentially qualified expenses (employee wages, supplies, contractors, cloud hosting)
  4. Review sample project contract agreements (if applicable)
  5. Prepare robust calculation model
  6. Finalize feasibility assessment ranges after thorough review
  7. Conduct teleconference with client & CPA to go over comprehensive feasibility assessment ranges, which includes minimum and maximum anticipated R&D credit figures
  8. Confirm with Client how they would like to move forward & go over next steps to finalize the analysis

Qualification and Calculation

  1. Further vetting of project list data (time tracking, job costing, WIP report, etc.)
  2. Teleconference with client for project list vetting
  3. Detailed discussions on contractor, supply, and cloud hosting costs (if needed)
  4. Conduct Statistical Sample (if necessary)
  5. Provided final project list to client
  6. Gather project points of contact & contract agreements
  7. Schedule and conduct project qualification interviews
  8. Review contract agreements thoroughly & gather any necessary follow-up items
  9. Gather example project documents (i.e. Design iterations, mark ups, notes, etc.)
  10. Prepare and review final credits
  11. Quality and legal review of final credits
  12. Send final credits and filing forms to client and CPA


  1. Draft & Finalize technical reports
  2. Quality and legal review of technical report
  3. Provide client with final Substantiation report

At EPSA, every phase is meticulously designed to ensure accuracy, transparency, and client satisfaction. We believe in setting high standards from feasibility to substantiation, delivering insights that empower our clients to make confident decisions. Let’s embark on this journey together!